Ms. Valerie Everhart

Meet Ms. Everhartbitmoji

  • BS Middle Grades Education- Appalachian State University
  • National Board Certified- Early Adolescents Mathematics
  • AIG Certified

Ms. Everhart's Daily Schedule

Homeroom            8:30-8:35

Intervention           8:37-9:07

1st Period              9:09-10:11

2nd Period            10:13-11:46

Lunch                    11:10-11:35

                           Line A - Row 5

3rd Period             11:48-12:50

4th Period             12:52-1:54

5th Period              1:57-2:42

6th Period              2:45-3:30



Ms. Everhart's Remote Learning Daily Schedule


second rotation schedule


1st Rotation (August 17th - November 13th)

remote schedule

* I will be available on Thursday evenings from 5 PM until 6 PM for student support and communication


Contact Information Remind

     Science 20/21- Yellow:  hq5ctyo

     Math 20/21- Yellow:  ker5qab

     Math 20/21- Blue:  4plq4ur

     Math 20/21- Red:  ox2cgvl

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Everhart 2020-2021



Classroom Expectations








Brown Bear Team Supply List

The following items should be brought to school during orientation week:

2 or 3 inch three ring binder - please, no trapper keepers (all subjects will be stored in this binder)

Dividers with pockets for each subject

Loose-leaf notebook paper 

Plenty of pencils - mechanical or wooden

Pencil pouch


The following items should be brought to school beginning September 14th:

Colored pencils

Glue sticks - a couple to keep in pencil pouch and a supply to restock when needed

Pencil sharpener with shavings catch - should fit in pencil pouch

Highlighters - any color 

Student scissors - should fit in pencil pouch

Earbuds to keep at school - please, no large or expensive headphones 


*Students will not receive agendas this year.  Students are welcome to use a calendar/planner if desired.*


Classroom Donations

If possible, the following items can be brought to school beginning September 14th:


*Due to the current pandemic, we understand that some of these items may be difficult to find but we greatly appreciate any donation.  Thank you in advance!*



Paper towels

Disinfecting wipes

Extra pencils

Extra glue sticks


Grading Scale and Policy

A- 100-90

B- 80-89

C- 70-79

D- 60-69

F- Below 60


Major- 60% (Tests, Assessments, Etc.)

Minor- 40% (Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Online Practice, Etc.)


Important Reminders

Students must place their first and last name as well as their class color at the top of each assignment.