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Common Page for DCS MS Athletic Handbook

Common Page for DCS MS Athletic Handbook

Requirements for Participation

  •     Complete and have on file the DCS Participation form (yearly).
  •    Complete and have on file the DCS Residency Verification form (yearly).
  •    Complete and have on file a current NCHSAA Pre-participation form (within 395 days).
  •    Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Eligibility Consent to Participate Form (yearly)
  •    Complete and have on file the NCHSAA Gfeller-Waller student concussion form (yearly).
  •    Age-under 15 with a birthdate of August 31.

Academic Requirements

  •    Athletic eligibility is based off the previous semester. A student upon entering the 6th grade begins his/her process for obtaining eligibility to compete on 7th grade fall athletic teams (South Davidson 5th grade due South Davidson is allowed 6th grade participation).
  •    A student must pass all courses less one in which he/she is enrolled during the previous semester in order to be eligible.
  •    Athletes have 4 consecutive semesters in which they can participate while in middle school (South Davidson 6 consecutive semesters)
  •    The principal of the school may request a hardship if the student fails to meet the eligibility requirements; if the reason was beyond the control of the school, the student, or parent. The DCS System AD handles all hardship request.



  •    DCS policy states that students may not miss more than 8 days per semester, more than 8 days will result in class failure unless a waiver is granted.
  •    The principal of school may determine if an athlete may participate in a contest if extenuating circumstances results in the student not being in attendance during the school day.


  •    Proof of insurance is required to play the sport of football. DCS will contract with an insurance carrier that will offer policies that can be purchased through the carrier.


  •    Felony Policy- if a student is convicted of a crime classified as a felony or is adjudicated delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult is not eligible to participate. 
  •    Ejection Policy Penalties- If a player or coach is ejected during a contest they may not play the rest of that game and will not be eligible to play the next game. If an athlete is ejected twice throughout the year they will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games of that current sport season.  If an athlete is ejected 3 times during the school year they are ineligible for 365 days. 


  •    Spectator removal- if a fan/spectator is asked to leave because of disruptive behavior by either the officials/game manager or deputies the parties that are removed must leave the school campus. In the event a fan/spectator is removed from an event twice in a school year due to disruptive behavior the fan/spectator will not be permitted to attend any DCS school events for the remainder of the school year.
  •    Middle school teams may not play or practice more than 5 times per week.



Weather Concerns

  •    In the event DCS release students early due to inclement weather all practices and games will be cancelled for that day.
  •    All games/practice are cancelled when school is closed due to inclement weather. The DCS Operations department will contact the schools’ principal and athletic director if the Superintendent gives consent for the schools to play or practice when the system is not in session. These practices are completely optional for the student, no penalties may be imposed for those who do not attend.
  •    During teacher workdays athletic teams may not assemble or practice until the conclusion of the teachers’ workday. If a school day is changed to an optional teacher workday due to weather concerns, only the superintendent has the authority to grant permission to practice during the optional workday.
  •    DCS will issue a heat advisory through the DCS Operations department when temperatures are expected to reach 90 or above which will dictate starting times for games or practices. A heat advisory directs all outside activities either finish by 10:45 a.m. or may not be started before 6:00 p.m. Each local school must adhere to the NCHSAA Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) heat index scale which may delay or postpone games and practices.
  •    DCS lightning procedure requires the game day administrator to activate the schools safety plan when lightning is detected 10 miles or less from the facility. After play has been stopped follow the 30 minute rule for hearing thunder or seeing lightning.


            Davidson County Board of Education Policies

  •    11 Standards of Expected Behavior Rule 6: Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages and Stimulant Drugs and other prohibited substances. Deals with suspensions for athletes if charged or sited for a prohibited substance on or off campus throughout the calendar year.
  •    11 Standards of Expected Behavior Rule 11: Suspensions from Athletic and Extra-Curricular activities. Deals with athletic suspensions if athlete is charged with a criminal activity.
  •    18 Athletic Review Committee- sets a procedure for a possible appeal for an athletic suspension that is over 30 days.
  •    During any out of school suspension athletes may not participate until the suspension is concluded.
  •    45 Fund Raising- Deals with the possibility of high school organizations selling products to raise funds. Participation in fund raising cannot be a requirement of membership of a team or requirement to participate.


  •     When the school provides transportation to an activity it should be by an activity bus that meets all federal safety standards or by a charter bus agency that complies with established standards. A list of approved agencies is available through the DCS Transportation department.
  •    On occasions where participation is limited: less than 9 participants, the principal may approve an alternate transportation plan. Parents may be permitted to transport the students if they agree to sign the DCS parental disclaimer.
  •     Students driving to off campus practice/game locations when such activity/facility is not available on campus may be permitted with parental approval to assume the responsibility of “self-transportation” when the DCS parental disclaimer is signed.
  •     In the event when the school provides transportation to an event and at the conclusion of the event the school may allow parents to transport their child home if approved by the school. Parents are only allow to transport their own children.


Injury Management

  •     The school assumes care of the athlete in the event of an injury, until the parent is notified if the parent is not on site when the injury occurs. 
  •    Each high school has a licensed athletic trainers provided by Novant Health. When referrals are warranted the LAT will use Novant Health providers unless the parent chooses to use a different provider.
  •    In the event that an athlete misses 5 consecutive days of practice due to injury the athlete may not participate until a release is signed by a doctor or LAT.
  •     In cases where a concussion is possible the NCHSAA “Gfeller-Waller” management principles will be utilized before the athlete return to play.



  •    Each school is required to develop and post an athletic handbook.
  •    Each coach will have a written set of guidelines (approved by the AD) for team members to adhere to that covers team procedures and expectations.
  •    If issues arises between player/parent and coach:  (1) player should request conference with the head coach, (2) parent request conference with coach, (3) player/parent request conference with Athletic Director, (4) player/parent request conference with principal.  At no time it will be acceptable to discuss issues at the conclusion of a contest.
  •    If a student athlete chooses to participate in an activity outside the school during an in season sport (i.e., AAU, JO, etc.) the high school team will demand priority status.