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Early College Options

Davidson County Students have the option to attend Davidson Early College High School or Valley Academy Regional Career Academy instead of a traditional high school.  Both schools are free and give students the opportunity to graduate high school with their associates degree.  
Students may apply to either school in their 8th grade year and should talk to their counselors if they have any questions.
Davidson Early College High School
Davidson Early College High School is an alternative high school experience which provides an academically challenging curriculum. Students are dual enrolled in high school and community college classes, graduating with a high school diploma AND an associate’s degree. Global awareness and problem solving activities are at the heart of the program.  These tenets run throughout the different classes and provide students daily opportunities to expand and question their own thinking. Early College's motto is S.O.A.R.- Student Oriented and Academically Rigorous.  Please go to the school's website and sign up for a mandatory informational session.
Applications must be given to the student's School Counselor by March 26, 2021.
Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy
Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy, often called Valley Academy, is an option for all rising 8th grade students in Davidson County. Valley Academy offers a unique environment that sets it apart from a traditional high school. Students at Valley Academy have the opportunity to take high school classes along with college classes, and have the potential to graduate not only with a high school diploma, but with certificates, diplomas, and possibly an Associate of Applied Science degree. As a career academy, Valley focuses on soft skills needed in the workplace, as well as critical thinking and professionalism that will benefit students in the real world. The style of instruction is based in project-based learning. In PBL, students are expected to work collaboratively with their peers to accomplish authentic tasks. Valley has small class sizes, unique programs and experiences, and an opportunity to get to know students from all across Davidson County.
More information can be found on the school's website:
Applications must be given to the student's School Counselor by March 26, 2021.